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Too many hats. I want to build a stronger team.



This sounds like me!

You've spent a lot of personal sweat and tears building your organization. That made sense in the beginning, but now as you continue to grow and expand, you can finally's time.

“I CAN'T do it all!”

If you're consumed by every minor decision, how can you focus on the vision? You can't.  But where do you begin? By assessing and addressing competency gaps within your team they can be empowered to execute, while you invest your time in the critical areas you need.


I want better alignment and results.




this sounds like me!

You have a clear vision, but somewhere along the way to execution there is a disconnect. Deadlines are missed. Projects are poorly executed. You may be losing some of your most talented employees because of the confusion.

“We are in need of a major recalibration ASAP.”

As you probably already know, operational inefficiencies are usually a symptom of lack of clarity. Your team needs to understand where you are going, but also how their day-to-day work moves the organization forward. Simple systems can be implemented that will turn even the most dysfunctional operation into a well-oiled machine!


I'm looking for our leading edge.




this sounds like me!

You want a world-class organization and you aren't settling for less. We must be kindred spirits! With your innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, you have your destination set for greatness.

“I didn't get into business to survive. I want to truly make an IMPACT!”

The road to achieving top-tier status is simple, but requires a decisive leader with the courage to press "go"! If you're ready to transform and elevate your team to the top 3%, let's get started.

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Satisfied Clients

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your high level of integrity and professionalism you have provided on our projects. Your knowledge and added value has been instrumental in moving our ventures forward. I would not hesitate to partner, hire or refer Julia to anyone in any industry. Thank you for your commitment to our firm and your continued friendship."

Tony Barbee
CEO, Consulting Design Contractors

"Julia is the most prolific and dynamic businessperson I know. Her expertise in regards to Financial Planning is renown. My recommendation of her skill-set flows freely to all interested parties! And she is a doll of a person personally!"

Larry Brown
CEO, Quality Carpet Cleaning

"Julia is very professional and accommodating. She takes a realistic approach and provides exceptional feedback. Julia takes time to understand her clients and their direction, she conducts herself as a team member of the organization. Her advice, input and recommendations are very valuable, she is very resourceful and dependable and a pleasure to work with."

Rickey Manbahal
Director of Finance, City of Hawthorne

"Julia is an excellent teacher and mentor. Her expertise and wealth of knowledge of all things financial is beyond impressive. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from Julia...however I am even more grateful to have found such an amazing mentor and resource."

Angelica Davis
Division Manager, City of Moreno Valley

"Julia is professional, personable and speaks eloquently! I had the pleasure of meeting Julia in 2017 when she chaired the Municipal Financial Management Program. The program was a combination of lectures, sharing professional experiences and working in teams. Each team was assigned an organization to research, prepare a report and present the findings to our classmates and guests. I had a great experience with the program because Julia brought together a group of likeminded individuals, her wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to learn. I highly recommend any class or program developed by Julia!"

Lucie Cazares
Wildan Financial Group

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