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At Coxswain Consulting, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems facing organizations. Everyone is guessing. Leadership is pulled in too many directions, employees are uninspired and unsure, customers are dissatisfied, and shareholders are frustrated.

We believe there is a better way to exist. As an organization. As people.

World-class organizations don’t happen by happenstance, but they don’t require a long, laborious, painful processes. Whether it’s our exclusive OMNILeadership® program, transformational on-site/off-site training, assessments powered by Everything DiSC®,  or other advisory capacities, we bring results where it counts.

We sought to find valuable, less invasive ways to optimize organizations, and we have been successful in our pursuit.

We’re obsessively passionate about this mission and every single client.

Educate our clients and their teams. Help them find innovative, yet simple, ways to solve their problems. Then, accelerate them into high performing, high functioning operations.

It's that simple.

Educate. Innovate. Accelerate.


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