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“Experience after experience demonstrates that there is a great need for a simple, structured, common-sense approach to leading an organization to greatness. Customers benefit from it, employees want it, and the financial health of an organization depends on it.”
– Richard C. Palermo Sr. (former Senior Vice President, Xerox)

With a high emphasis on simplicity, logic, and results, the high performance management system (HPMS) is a complete management approach which allows organizations to effectively regain control by isolating key areas (known as “vital few”) and realizing remarkable improvements in performance. This is accomplished by guiding organizational leadership through a concise and fact-based process of identifying the key areas and activities that will have the most significant effect on success, and then providing step-by-step guidance to produce the desired result.

As an integrated process, the HPMS succeeds in aligning the organization’s leadership and employees in accomplishing the vital few areas. It is built on developing a set of shared and transformational values and focuses on delivering those values to the company’s three constituents (customers, employees, shareholders). HPMS creates an environment for success by aligning the people, processes, and resources of the organization. The result? Customers are delighted, employees are motivated, and shareholders are satisfied.

Created by former Xerox Senior Vice President, Richard C. Palermo Sr., the HPMS is an award-winning approach that emerged as a direct remedy to the frustrations created by the classic quality management concepts such as Total Quality Management and Six Sigma. The HPMS seeks to do away with time-consuming, overly burdensome, “cookie-cutter” approaches to organizational improvement and bring the organization back to basics.


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