Challenges Facing the Public Sector

With 19 years of experience transforming public agencies, our team of trusted advisors is ready to help you excel past obstacles and soar as a public agency.

Coxswain Consulting offers government leadership and employee development training to help agencies develop great leaders who know how to engage, develop and retain their valuable people.

With Coxswain Consulting's leadership and employee development programs, agencies can become more resilient to change, more productive with less resources, more inclusive and open to diverse work styles, and more capable of leading and sustaining its critical workforce.

Note: Agencies needing ongoing, annual training programs may  find a Master Services Agreement more cost-effective.

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Featured Programs

Municipal Financial Management Program

The Municipal Financial Management Program is a highly-esteemed program designed to provide participants with a blend of strategy, leadership and financial tools.  

Topics include: tax policy and revenue streams, strategic budgeting, financing, and ethics-based leadership.

The program is designed for high-potential staff, analysts, or management currently working within local government, and who are motivated to develop their financial skills for their organization. A foundation in financial knowledge is required to get the most from this program.

This program is offered in coordination with CSUF's Extention and International Programs as a certificate.

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Municipal Leadership Program

The Municipal Leadership Program was developed as a response to the success of the MFMP and the lingering question..."what's next?" Leadership can begin at any level of the organization, and the Municipal Leadership Program equips staff at various levels of the organization with the tools to lead agencies into the next wave of opportunities and challenges.

Topics include: leadership and communication, data-based decision-making, emerging markets, and innovation.

Like the MFMP, this program is designed for high-potential staff and management.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cohort of students serve as an opportunity for professional development through networking. The cohorts include participants who are analysts, all the way up to current assistant city managers. The diversity of work experience and backgrounds allows the students to learn from the instructor, as well as one another.

Once the Program dates are released, the deadlines to apply will be published.

Final cost for the Programs will be provided once registration is open. You can expect the cost to be between $500-$700.

Many program participants will find that the Program cost is reimbursable through their organization's Professional Development or Education Reimbursement programs. Please check with your HR.

Note: Justification letter templates are also available to provide to your supervisor.

Once applicants are notified of their acceptance into our programs, they must submit payment no later than 45 days before the start date of the Program in order to allow time for any needed materials to be ordered.

You are not officially registered until payment is received. 

Class dates are posted in advance. See the Program brochures for entire Program schedule.

The number of cohorts are based on student interest and enrollment. 

It has been two years since our last program. We cannot guarantee future programs.

Cohorts are set groups of people who work together and take the same classes for the duration of the Program. The purpose, broadly speaking, of the cohort is to encourage a more dynamic, collaborative, and supportive learning environment to carry students through the Program. The outgrowth of a healthy cohort relationship should result in shared teaching, where the cohort members also teach each other. Learning through teaching helps everyone in a cohort cement their knowledge more firmly, more-so than independent learning.

Studies of graduate cohorts show that having this continuity often results in greater support and productivity for students.

Applicants for the Program will be reviewed by the Program Steering Committee. This, along with a phone or in-person interview will take place to determine if the applicant’s work history and goals are appropriate for the Program. Also, since each cohort is limited to 12-15 students, priority is given to early applicants.

The instructors for the classes include current and former local government leaders as well as subject matter experts from consulting firms that have expertise in the subject areas. The courses will also include guest speakers from the industry. Resumes and bios will be provided prior to the start of the Program.


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